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about me

Hi! I'm Shreeya, a Los Angeles-based 3D Character & Environment Artist with a profound love for storytelling.

Trained originally as a CG Generalist, I'm well-versed in every aspect of the pipeline, from pre-production to final compositing and lighting.

I've collaborated with clients such as Meta, DreamWorks Feature Animation, DreamWorks TV, Psyop, Chromosphere LA, and Nickelodeon, bringing a wealth of experience to each project. My commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of art reflects both technical skill and a dedicated approach to the artistic process.

Beyond the world of 3D artistry, I express my creativity in other realms. I'm a fashion enthusiast and proud owner of an online vintage clothing shop. Whether curating unique pieces or indulging in my love for film, art is the thread that weaves through every facet of my life.

Join me on this artistic journey, where every project is an opportunity to bring stories to life through a unique perspective.

Let's create something extraordinary together!

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