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Shreeya Shetye

Based in Los Angeles, California

Hi! I am Shreeya!  

I am absolutely in love with modeling.  I have such a passion for all things that tell a story.  I pride myself in making art that reflects that.

I am a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design.   As part of my curriculum, I am trained as a CG Generalist being able to do anything from pre-production to final compositing/lighting.  I try to find inspiration and passion in everything.  I absolutely love being a creative and creating content is my passion. 

Previously, I was a Modeling Trainee at DreamWorks Features.  Currently, I work at DreamWorks TV.

I am also a makeup lover.  I own too much makeup and watch too many videos.  Fashion and film are also other passions of mine.  


Professional Experience


Untitled Yuki 7 Project 

DreamWorks Animation

Trolls World Tour (2020)

DreamWorks Television Animation

Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas (2019)

Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (2020)

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (2020)

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