BEAUTY ROOM  Concept by Shreeya Shetye


I wanted to create a master set this time but with my own concept. This piece is a love letter to my obsession with beauty and all things fashion. All my free time goes towards watching makeup videos on YouTube. Watching many room tours inspired me to create my own.


All modeling done in Maya. Rendered in Arnold.

BRUHWURST & BEER  Concept by YumYum


I was really drawn to this piece because of my love for street food. There's just something so magical about going from stand to stand to try good food.


All modeling done in Maya. Foliage was done using Paint Effects. The cloth on the cart and barrel was done with ncloth. Rendered in Arnold.


COMPUTER ROOM  Concept by Fernando Peque


When I saw this piece, I felt so connected to it because I feel I have been in a similar setting. I also grew up in the 90s so it brought nostalgia of 90s office rooms/cubicles. I felt like I know the person who works here.


All modeling done in Maya. Rendered in Arnold.



When I was a Modeling Trainee at DreamWorks Animation, I had the opportunity to model and visualize a character for Trolls World Tour.  Thank you to my amazing mentors Charles Ellison, Juan Pablo Chen, and Brian Jefcoat.


All modeling done in Maya. Rendered in Arnold. Not Responsible for Animation.


HARRY POTTER  Concept by Brittany Myers


I love the Harry Potter franchise with all my heart! Brittany's cartoony design really spoke to me. It was an extreme challenge to get the cartoony shapes translated in 3d. I really wanted to focus on visual appeal with this model. Some things were changed from Zbrush to Maya for easy deformations for animation.  Responsible for only the character model.


Sculpted in Zbrush. Re-topologized in 3D Coat. 


Done in collaboration with Camilo Castro, Sagar Arun, and Daniel Ceballos.




Thank you so much for watching! Feel free to contact me at 

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